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Name       :    Advanced course in Banking operations and management

Duration   :   Two Months

Classes     :   Mon-Fri

Course Details

Module-01. Meaning of banking and finance & various players.

Module-02. Banking system in India (Public sector, private sector,Rural, Co operative & foreign banks)

Module-03. Role of various banks and their share in economic development.

Module-04. Various acts of banking i.e. Banking  regulation act 1949,RBI act 1935, Negotiable Instrument  Act 1889.

Module-05. Banking products: Liability side of customer's books of accounts.(Loan products)

Module-06. Banking products: Assets side of customer's books of accounts. (Deposit products)

Module-07. Various rates and reserve requirement i.e.CRR, SLR Bank Rate, Base Rate,BPLR, LIBOR.

Module-08. Income sources in Banking : Fund based and non fund based income.

Module-09. Use of technology in banking for fund transfer: RTGS, NEFT,ECS  etc.

Module-10. Techno based Banking Products: Internet banking, mobile banking, ATM, Debit Cards, Credit card.

Module-11. Selection of financial partner for various  needs.

Module-12. Cost of bank finance and techniques for reduction of various costs.

Module-13. Risk management tools and Do's & Don'ts in banking operations.

Module-14. Role of financial accounts in banking operations.

Module-15. Dispute and grievance resolution in banking.

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